Runefest in London 2010

I was in London 28th August for RuneFest 2010, It was a great party. I met alot of ppl there, sadly alot of ppl didnt have a nametag, so it was difficult to find friends.

We met outside London bridge station.

The first we got when we came to the party was a goodie bag

There was balloon in both rooms (with party hats and tickets to get posters, mouse pads, mugs)
So start popping when they drop.

There was alot more we could do, like wrestling, jousting, archery (no real arrows :grin: ), 60+ laptops to play all day if we wanted.
"Poisen arrow pub" upstairs with drinks and food open all day.
They served rice, chicken, pork, fries. (after 7pm the food and drinks was free (burgers and other food))
We could all sign a wall. (found limpy, nussre, thrawn, mercifull and my signature so far)

I also met Heathenry

Talked to mod Poppy, she is sooo nice... I love her hair

We met mod Tytn after the "Golden Gnome Award"

After we was thrown out by a huge doorman at 9 pm (End of runefest :wall: ) we got this great picture, everyone had a great day

Ohhh almost forgot i met paul

... And ofcourse i also met Andrew, we can all see on the picture who the real "King of Runescape" is (look on my head ;))

Last Edited sep 2nd 2010