Runefest in London 2011

Rodskaeg was in London 29-30th October for RuneFest 2011, It was a great party. Alot better then 2010.

We started our trip 5pm on thursday at Aalborg Airport in Denmark, we met Laila(Laikrob), sorry, my camera dont like her ;) Didnt get off to a good start, flight was 1 hour delayed.

After arriving at Gatwick, we took a train to London and another train to Debden station, got here at 0030 am

At Debden Station we met Limparse, we are going to stay at his place til tuesday.

Friday morning we went to London to find "Old Billingsgate" where runefest is held.
Past this solar watch or whatever it is :P

I see they never forgot us Vikings invading England ;)

Only 5 minutes from Billingsgate we past a war Monument for merchants and fishermen lost at sea duing both world wars

Tower of London was also very close to Runefest. Less then 5 minutes walk

HMS Belfast, is a world war 2 museum.

Tower Bridge.

We found Old Billingsgate(old fish marked), not sure how they spell runefest in England, but we dont spell it like that in Denmark. :P

We could see this galleon on the other side of river Thames from runefest, so we just had to see what it was :)

We still had some hours to waste before our dinner with 10 other COE members.
So we walked further down Thames, crossed the walk bridge(Millennium Bridge). Saw this river boat, who said drunk driver ?

Can see the Globe Theatre from the bridge too.

From the bridge we could walk straight to St Paul's Cathedral.

What is this ?? Balls of steel ? ;)

Statue with all names of firefigthers lost life in world war 2.

St Paul's Cathedral.

Still 1+ hour til meeting with COE, so what do you do when you cant find any toilets in London. ?
You go to Herrods, Huge free toilets ;)
Then off to Liverpool station and meeting with COE, had a few drink at the bar, then off to this indian restaurant.

Limparse, Bogus and Mercifull.

From left Mercifull, Suzi, Nussre and Thrawn other side of table, Rodskaeg, sio's friend, Siob, Adam and Bum.

Vlad arrivel a bit late, but just in time for food(far right) :)

....ofcourse the day ends with a beer at a bar. Darkdude (in the middle far back) and laila(hiding again) met us here.

Time to go home, almost midnight ;)

A few familier faces on the other platform :)

Finally saturday.. RUNEFEST !!!
Picked up Halo and off to Runefest. :D

Just arrived at runefest, Bogus and Halo.

Ohh wait.. a picture of me !!! Rodskaeg and another danish player Lina DJ

Vlad, Thrawn and Nussre at the bar.

A player mod picture with mod Poppy

Nussre, Bogus, Halo and Thrawn enjoying .. umm Coke ? :P

Pictures of 3 walls we could sign, maybe you can find a friend.

Halloween party time.. We was all kicked out, then all with VIP+ticket had to enter again.
Suzi and Adam eating a hotdog.

Merc, Nussre and Thrawn... They all eating hotdog.. Ahh, hotdogs and drinks was free for the first 20 minutes..

Limpy washed of his makeup .. so this is the real him :D

Vlad in closeup.. hehe

Janakat also there, found her talking to Andrew.

Rodskaeg and Andrew.

This human size penguin was hard to miss :P

Mercifull, Suzi and Darkdude enjoying the music, is that Laila hiding behind Adam again ?

YES, it was Laila, and again my camera didnt like her... LOL


Adam and Laila twisting her head around... Another bad shot, better luck next time !!

Limpy and his Batman friend.

The Train.. TUT TUT !!!

Me and mod Poppy, she has been avoiding me all day, saw her at the bar, gave the camera to Vlad.. All or nothing, grabbed her and got a good picture :P

Halo and Vlad close to midnight, can still see his red eye, not coz he is drunk, but had a bad accident on friday..

Good picture of Adam

Finally i got a good picture of Laila, but NO NO, they turned around as i took the picture... GRRR

Suzi and Laila, GOT IT !! is it 10th time i try.. Laila looks EVIL with her red eyes :P

Gaming Pit... 80 computers to play runescape, +20 more in the VIP room.

Kicked out, Runefest day 1 is history.. GREAT DAY :D

Im not sure what Vlad and Merc are fleeing from..

A dead Limparse on the way home.

Sunday, Runefest day 2 starting in 1 hour.
Just to be sure you see whats Limpy is drinking, so YES, it was WATER !!!

Runefest Day 2 before opening from the other side of Thames

Crossing London Bridge, almost there..

More runescapers arriving.

Bogus waiting outside. What is he thinking ? "WHERE IS MY CAR ?" :D

Not sure what Limpy and mod Poppy is up to :P

Relaxing at the VIP area.

Lina DJ had a penguin card signed by alot of J mods. Camera died have no more pictures from runefest :(

Gatwick Airport on the way home

Offshore Windmill Park.

A few seconds til landing in Copehagen.

The little mermaid (cheap copy)

Back in Aalborg.. we are home.... SAD :(

Last Edited nov 6nd 2011